Don't stuff your explainer video or whiteboard animation script!

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Stuff Your Turkey, Not Your Video Script!

Brevity is the soul of explainer videos.

Remove redundancies. Eschew the superfluous.

Make your point. Move along. Good advice for any type of presentation. We follow that mantra whenever we're writing scripts for our clients' videos. 

Tip Number One: If you're writing your own script, don't try to write your entire story, then spend laborious hours paring it down. You'll get better results faster by starting with the equivalent of a 30-second elevator speech and adding only what you must. 

Tip Number Two: Add just enough information for your viewer to "get it." 

All that's needed in an explainer video is a basic understanding of the essence of what your organization, product or service is about. Nothing more. These are introductory presentations designed to whet your prospects appetites, not drown them.

This means "Don't stuff the script!" Whether you're writing your own or revising someone else's script, avoid the tempation to add "just one little detail." 

In our own shop If something's not accurate we welcome revisions. But revisions are minor corrections, not additional details. Ask yourself if the extra detail is truly needed for a basic understanding of your story. If it's not, leave it out. 

Yes, It's tempting to add just one more detail, then another and another. Before long your story is stuffed, your audience is yawning, and you're losing effectiveness.

Remember, visitors to your website want quick information. Give them what they want, and they're more likely to stay with you. Save the stuffing for the turkey.

Dennis Dean
Chief Creative Officer
Story Vision Video

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