Five elements of a successful ad campaign - same as a successful whiteboard animation!

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Five Elements of a Successful Ad Campaign

Or - Why didn't Nielson think of this sooner?

The secret is in the storytelling...

It's been confirmed to us again. A great way to get your message across is by telling a great story.

This time it's Nielsen - the media ratings giant - that discovered story telling.

I've been practicing the art of story telling at Story Vision Video, Dean Group Media, and in our broadcasting work for years and in countless articles and newsletters. But it's always heartening when another recognized entity confirms that I haven't been on the wrong track all this time.

Recently, Nielsen's global head of advertiser solutions, Randall Beard cites storytelling, simplicity, relating to your viewer (target demographic) humor and branding - in that order - as the most common building blocks among the best-performing ads. Nielsen should know. Their discovery was based on learning gleaned from their TV Brand Effect database of 250,000-plus ads, created to lend insight into what drives real world advertising memorability and brand impact.

Each of us can be engaged by a good story, especially when we can relate to it.

The next time you set out to be persuasive, put it into a context your audience can relate to. It works for online videos, television and radio ads, even with one-on-one conversation over lunch or dinner. You may be doing the talking, but it's a great way for your friends, prospects and customers to learn: you're really a good listener. 

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Dennis Dean
Chief Creative Officer
Story Vision Video

Dennis Dean is President of Dean Group Media, founder and Chief Creative Officer at Story Vision Video. He is a former Emmy-winning journalist and an expert in business-to-business communication, public relations and crisis management. He can be reached at



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