Hitting multiple markets with animated whiteboard videos

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Hitting Multiple Markets with Video, Economically

You said - how many markets?

Some simple changeups are the key with explainer videos.

You may have the greatest advertising in the world, but if it doesn't reach the right market, what good is it? 

The same is true with marketing and explainer videos. They've got to hit the mark and their target audience. But what happens when you're promoting a product or service to several different markets? The solution is simple: Create a "core" explainer video, then slightly modify for each market. It's far less expensive than doing a different video for each market.

Examples: Here are two that are excellent:

FLIR Systems wanted to promote it's thermal imaging camera to three different markets: building maintenance providers, electrical contractors and HVAC contractors. FLIR turned to Story Vision Video. We identified and created the core elements common to explaining FLIR's camera, then created elements with specific appeal to each market. We effectively created three different videos for little more than the price of one! See what we did for FLIR with our animated whiteboard videos.

LEASE ADVISORS needed to promote its billboard and cellular tower leasing business to vastly different audiences, including English and Spanish speaking property owners in the US and points south, as well as property owners in Canada. We provided nearly identical videos with versions in English and Spanish, as well as a Canadian version with Canadian landmarks in the opening art and a Canadian narrator. View what we did by clicking here to view the whiteboard animation videos we did for Lease Advisors. 

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