Humor in animated whiteboard video presentations

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Using Humor in Animated Whiteboards

Hey, lighten up a bit!

If you're not using a bit of humor in your online sales and marketing presentations, here's a little secret: humor is something you may want to consider - seriously. 

A Nielsen survey* of 29,000 internet users found 47% prefer ads that make them laugh, followed closely by 46% preferring ads about real-life situations. 

The message, says Nielsen, is that "it's vital that consumers make a memorable and meaningful connection with both the message and brand."

Nielsen's research reaffirms what we tell our own clients: humor in your presentation can help you connect with your audience and make your organization more likeable. This "likeability factor" is critical. How much consideration do you give a topic when you don't like the presenter? How much credibility do you give the presenter?

Humor's effectiveness is not media-specific, indicates Randall Beard, global head of Advertiser Solutions at Niesen. "Regardless of the ad delivery format, be it print, billboard, TV or online, effectively reaching consumers is predicated upon having a message that favorably impacts consumers when making a purchase decision." 

Translation: Humor helps create a favorable message, critical when promoting a product, service or idea. 

Here are a few other benefits to humor: 
It arouses interest 
Helps keep attention
Makes information more memorable
Helps you make a point 
Makes a positive impression

While humor may not be right for every moment or for serious, sensitive topics, it's something to consider in your own presentations. AirClenz and Drawloop are two excellent examples of humor in B-to-B explainer videos.

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*SOURCE: Nielson Global Survey of Trust In Advertising


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