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Five questions to analyze your story.

If you've ever had difficulty explaining what your business or organization does, take our Story Telling Quiz to see how would you answer these 5 questions: 

1 - Is your story complex? 

2 - Are people easily confused about what your organization does during a first introduction?

3 - Must you use a highly detailed presentation to effectively tell your story?

4 - Are there few people able to properly tell your story? 

5 - Do you wish there was a better way of getting your message across to others?

If you've answered "Yes" to any of these questions - chances are your story needs simplifying. Simple stories are more effective in today's instant gratification internet society. Get to the point. Show what you can do for me. And do it all in a few seconds. But simplifying isn't quite enough. You also have to be interesting and entertaining in the same time space.

A successful initial presentation about your organization needs to capture and hold attention by establishing a quick, often emotional connection with your viewer, who needs to know you understand his problem and have a solution. Then, your story needs to inform and motivate, keeping viewers attentive throughout. The "inform" part means giving first-time audiences just enough information so that they "get it" and understand the essence of what your organization can do for them. Capturing and holding their attention means wrapping your message inside a compelling, entertaining story they'll be eager to watch, and one they will remember.

At Story Vision Video, we take the "complex" out of your story and replace it with understanding and wide-eyed interest and enthusiasm! We've done this for "complex" stories in most industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, transportation, energy, manufacturing, law, marketing communication, non-profit and more.

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Dennis Dean


Dennis Dean is an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist and Chief Creative Officer at Story Vision Video and Dean Group Media.



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