Video as a teaching tool

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Video is an Excellent Teaching Tool

Animated whiteboard video makes it great!

Animated whiteboard video is a great

It not only informs and educates, teaching videos (in fact, any video) can also have a positive impact on your website's organic search engine placement. The big benefit, of course, is that viewers learn something new by watching them. If you're a teaching institution, that's why you exist. If you're a business or non-profit, you can probably also think of subjects you'd like your audience to know more about.

Animated whiteboard style video is an extremely effective method for producing teaching videos because of its flexibility. If you can picture something in your mind, we can draw it into a video. The sky is not the limit. (We've done outer space.) It's also cost efficient. A whiteboard style video can be both faster and less expensive to produce than conventional video. (We've produced them, script to finished product, in about a week.)

Here are two great teaching moments we've produced:

Stop, Walk and Talk! anti-bullying campaign by the Turlock Unified School District in Turlock, California. Click here to see the animated whiteboard explainer video we created for them.

The Wall - And this video for Message Bus: An instructional piece designed to teach viewers, especially mass e-mailers, about the electronic "wall" that exists in cyberspace, that makes it more difficult to send than receive e-mail. Click here or to right.

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