Long page stays are important to Google. That means video!

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What's Important to Google?

Long page stays!

And that translates into video.

Visitors watching a video will stay on your web page longer than they'll stay on pages without video.

That doesn't mean simply uploading a homemade video of your boss droning his latest Power Point in the corporate cafeteria will cause your web page to rise to the top of Google. But here are 3 items to keep in mind: 

Video is Sticky - Well-produced video that captures visitor attention and holds it will keep visitors glued to your website. A study by Comscore shows people stay two minutes longer on a website when they watch video. Other reports show video increasing time on site by 9%! 

Video Boosts Rankings - A Forrester study suggests product pages with video are 53 times more likely to get to page one on Google. Our latest product, Story Vision Video, has been getting page one rankings since its inception just over a year ago. (8/11//12 Google search: animated whiteboard video)

Content is King - Informational web pages achieve higher rankings. Informational videos do even better. Our client, Xact Wire EDM , remains ranked at the top of the heap in Google searches with the help of informational videos we've produced for them. (9/18/2014 Google search: wire EDM).

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