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"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms." – Muriel Rukeyser. We agree. Wrapping your message inside a great story makes it memorable and motivating. And that translates into sales.

At Story Vision Video our Emmy-winning talent works with you to turn your great story into a great video. Our creativity, marketing and public relations expertise is all included, on the phone, in our ideas, in the scripts we write and, of course, in our storyboards and videos.

We're experienced pros who’ve created hundreds of whiteboard and full color, animated explainer videos for clients who love us. Video is your vehicle. Your story is your heart and soul. Get more.

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About Our Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos

At Story Vision Video, we use professional Emmy-winning talent and years of expert story-telling experience plus our professional artists to create the very best whiteboard and full color animated explainer videos. Our videos explain what you do, utilizing clear, concise language, entertaining cartoon techniques and attention-keeping narrative.

Story Vision Video™ is excellent for explaining your business, processes and concepts, how your products and services work (how it works videos) and for instructions or lessons in instructional and educational videos.

An animated color or whiteboard explainer video explains what you do. How simple is that?

Simplicity and brevity are key.

Animated explainer videos are NOT corporate videos, viral videos, product demonstrations, interviews or how-to videos.

A well-done animated whiteboard or full color explainer video is clear, concise, compelling. It states the problem, provides your solution and invokes a sense of trust in your company or organization. It does this in simple language free of corporate-speak, technical jargon, industry-specific vernacular or overwhelming detail.

Use animated explainer videos because they work. Period.

Animated explainer videos work in the business-to-business (B2B) arena. In Video in the C-Suite , 75% of executives told Forbes they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. 65% visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video. 51% have made a business purchase after viewing a video. 39% have contacted a vendor whose business showed up in an online video.

Same story. Animated explainer videos work like gangbusters on eCommerce sites. Invodo reports over 50% of eCommerce buyers feel more confident in a purchase decision after watching a product video, and that high quality videos can increase the dollar volume of a purchase cart by an amazing 174%.

What makes an “excellent” animated whiteboard or full color explainer video?
The best animated whiteboard or full color explainer videos speak to viewers one viewer at a time. They not only state a problem and solution, they do so in a way that connects with the individual viewer. Often the connection is emotional. A good animated whiteboard or color explainer video empathizes with the viewer. It shows a problem the viewer can relate to. The viewer sees himself or herself in the video. That emotional connection is the “peg” on which all other facts are remembered.

The best animated explainer videos make viewers like you. Likeability is critical in an a full color or whiteboard explainer video. When you’re likeable, you’re perceived as more credible and more trustworthy. If a video - any type of video - doesn’t increase trust in your business or organization, it not effective and won’t work.

Content over form. The script is everything. Content in an animated explainer video is more important than style. Words have meaning. Pictures, music and sound effects strengthen the message. An animated explainer video with a well-written script that contains a strong message but has poorly drawn pictures will be more effective than a slickly produced (read: expensive) production with a poorly constructed script.

Style - Whiteboard, full color or “live” action?
The style of an animated explainer video is, essentially, how the video is is to be illustrated. Deciding whether to use whiteboard, full color or conventional “live” action (video of real people, places and things) should be based on what best communicates your brand and offer. Don’t pick a style because just because “It’s cool.” Consider how the style will relate to your target market, how well the style can illustrate your story and how the style conveys your brand.

Quick advantages of major styles:

Whiteboard - (artist drawing, usually with black marker, on white surface)
Good at capturing attention.
Engaging even when drawings are amateurish
Cost efficient
Quick to produce
Scientific evidence exists for why this type of video works better than other videos

Motion Graphic (full color) (computer-produced graphics, often iconic in nature, moving on-screen)
Full color
Excellent for organizational topics (eg, project management software)
Excellent for showing full-color cartoon characters and settings

Conventional “live” action
Excellent when it important to see the actual product or person in action

Creating an animated explainer video
Do what you do best and let other pros do the rest.

Unless you or someone in your organization has already written several amazing animated explainer video scripts, work with established professionals who have a history - and portfolio - of excellent animated explainer videos.

One of the biggest problems anyone - professional or amateur - runs into when creating a whiteboard, full color - or any type of animated explainer video is figuring out how to explain the video that’s playing in your head to someone else. Unless you’re able to script, narrate and create the images yourself, then edit them into a video, it’s doubtful you or someone on your staff has the requisite requirements to create a gangbuster explainer video. Being an expert in you industry doesn’t mean you’re an expert at writing an explainer video script. These are a completely different animal.

Where to start

Look for a professional, established firm with credentials, great customer feedback and a portfolio of effective animated explainer videos.

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