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(Thiensville, WI) June 23, 2011 - Dean Group Media of Thiensville, Wisconsin has announced the launch of Story Vision Video™, an animated whiteboard Internet video production service. Story Vision Video™ is designed to simplify the way businesses explain what they do, while increasing customer understanding and sales. Story Vision Video™ is also excellent for explaining products, services and concepts in nearly any industry.

Story Vision Video™ is a remarkably efficient method of communicating from the home page of your website,” says owner and creator, Dennis Dean. “In our passion to communicate what we do, many of us put too much information in front of people. Often, it's overload. Story Vision Video solves that problem, by explaining what a business does in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. After all, it's not our customers' job to understand what we do, it's our job to explain it to them. Story Vision Video'swhiteboard animation videos do just that."

Story Vision Video™ is designed to provide a convenient starting point for prospects, providing a controlled introductory message - using whiteboard video - laying the groundwork for more detailed information to be found within the website. “Story Vision Video™ grabs visitors and holds them,” Dean says. “Story Vision Videos™ end with viewers clearly understanding your purpose and the advantages of working with you. After seeing an animated whiteboard video from Story Vision Video™ prospects are ready for more information, either from your website or through direct contact with you.”

Dean, a former Emmy award winning broadcast journalist long considered a master storyteller, understands the secrets of successful communication.

“I learned when producing television news stories you have about a 90 seconds to capture attention, inform and motivate viewers. You also want your story to be memorable. That's everything we do with Story Vision Video™.”

Rather than using computerizedanimation, Dean blends his own hand-drawn sketches, well-crafted narratives and a creative imagination to communicate each message - in video, often using whiteboard animation. His sketching ability is the offshoot of watercolor landscape painting he has done over the years. Story Vision Video™ also uses other artists to create whiteboard animations and other forms of sketch-based videos and whiteboard technique.

The relaxed, often whimsical whiteboard drawings and sketches plus Dean's trademark style of narrating provide an informal, easy to watch video< experience that holds viewer attention to the end, providing a clearer understanding of a business, product or service than viewers otherwise would achieve through random browsing on a website.

Dean says Story Vision is efficient from both a cost and communication standpoint. “Production costs are low, which is definitely an advantage in today's economy. Because we sketch each scene on whiteboard, our only limit to visualization is our imagination. And we have plenty of that.”

For more information contact: Dennis Dean 262-238-8740 or email

About Story Vision

Your story. Our vision.

We create animated videos that explain what you do.

Our process is simple, straightforward. We talk with you and learn about your organization. We provide creative concepts for your video, then script your story. Once you've approved the script, we set to work with our video animation production process to create an animated explainer video in our unique style. We provide online reviews at each step for your approval. Once you're happy with the finished product, we provide it in a web-viewable format, as well as on disk. If needed, our web guru will set it up on your site for you! We'll do all of this in a time frame and at a cost that meets your needs and budget!

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Story Vision Video™ is iPhone and iPad compatible!


About Our Explainer Videos

Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Story Vision Video™ and its animated whiteboard videos are a product of Dean Group Media.

At Dean Group Media, we use Emmy-winning talent and years of story-telling experience to provide the very best explanatory videos. Our animated whiteboard videos are exceptional for first-time explanations of what you do, utilizing entertaining cartoon techniques and attention-keeping narrative style.

Story Vision Video™ is excellent for explaining your business, processes and concepts, how your products and services work (how it works videos) and for instructions or lessons in instructional and educational videos.

Want to learn more about what Story Vision Video™ can do for you?

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