Payment Information & Terms for Story Vision Video

Story Vision Video™ - Animated Explainer Videos. Your story. Our Vision.

We make payment convenient! Story Vision Video and Dean Group Media accepts major credit cards and PayPal as well as checks drawn on U.S. banks. Cash, bullion or Krugerands left in a plain brown bag on our doorstep are also acceptable! Once we've talked and finalized what your video will cost, we'll email an invoice for your initial payment.

Terms: Once we receive your initial payment, usually one-half of the estimated price, we begin work. We'll post an initial edit (called a "rough cut") online for your review. When your video is completed, you can immediately put it to work on your website using the embed code we provide from our streaming video server. You'll have 15 days of free streaming service! If you wish, you can continue using our streaming service for a small annual charge. (Our streaming video is HTML5 compatible with mobile-compatible versions provided automatically!) Once we receive your final payment, you'll be able to download your video. We offer other video formats, DVD and Blu-Ray disks at additional cost.

Questions? Click or call 262-238-8740. And thanks for choosing Story Vision Video!

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