Serious Story Vision Video™

Serious professional whiteboard style animation video that explains what you do.
Serious whiteboard video for business. Art to your specifications.

Most of the time the humorous characters our artists create will fit your story perfectly. But when you need something more serious for a sensitve, complex or very specific topic, we do that, too! We can create serious drawings of fictional characters, realistic drawings of real people (George Clooney, Julia Roberts, your brother-in-law, The Dahli Llama), or reasonably accurate drawings of simple or complex products and other items.

Our artists are professional, experienced, and work in-house under our direction supervision.
This page is contains exammples of our Serious Story Vision Videos™. Click here for less serious and humorous examples.

Serious Whiteboard -
Hobsons (Education)

Story Vision Video helps visualize a presentation by Steve Smith, President, Hobsons' K-12 Division, orignally presented at the March, 2012 DGMT Chairman's Conference in Bangalore, India.

To learn more about Hobsons, click here.

Whiteboard Story Vision Video™

Serious Whiteboard -
Way of the Willow (Mental Health)

Not every story benefits from whimsical cartoon characters. Sometimes a sensitive issue requires a sensitive touch. Story Vision Video™ provides that sensitivity, in content, visuals, narration and music. The sensitive nature of the topic makes this a Serious Story Vision Video™.

To learn more about Way of the Willow, click here

Whiteboard Story Vision Video™

Serious Whiteboard -
HigherSelf Life (Social)

The  HigherSelf™ Lifestyle is a unique movement encouraging the pursuit of success in a socially responsible manner from its New York headquarters. To help tell its story, HigherSelf™ selected Story Vision Video for our superb story crafting artwork and ability to work effectively with not-for-profit enterprises. The topic and the client specifications to the art make this a Serious Story Vision Video.

To learn more about HigherSelf Life, click here

Sketchpad Story Vision Video™

Serious Whiteboard
NG Advantage(Technical / Energy)

NG Advantage uses Story Vision Video to explain how it extends the benefits of using natural gas for customers beyond the natural gas pipeline. The technical detail on some drawings make this a Serious Story Vision Video.

To learn more about NG Advantage, click here

Sketchpad Story Vision Video™

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