Reasons to use or not use Animated Whiteboard Video

You want to use an animated explainer video when you want to:

Explain something not readily apparent
It's hard to miss what does. It sells books. Ask yourself if someone with no prior knowledge of your business would immediately understand what you do? Animated whiteboard explainer videos do the job, even when what you do is difficult to show with conventional video.

Illustrate services impossible to show with conventional video
Software is a classic example. It's easier to show what your software does with a whiteboard animation than, say, screen shots or a video of the software in action. (Booor-ing!)

Differentiate yourself
This is a biggie. Chances are you have at least one competitor on the Internet. Why would someone choose you over your competitor? A well-done explainer video helps quickly illustrate the difference.

Focus visitor attention
That's the problem with browsers: people browse! Video, in particular animated video, grabs and holds viewer attention. An animated whiteboard video or animated sketchpad video hangs on to viewers while informing them. When the video is finished, they have a basic, but essential, understanding and appreciation of what you do, and are motivated to purchase or learn more.

Enhance trust, credibility
By nature, most of us are skeptical the first time we visit a website. We should be. Humor helps relax us. The use of humor in an animated video helps relax visitors to your website. They're more likely to let their guard down and accept the information you provide them. That, in turn, increases your credibility.

Increase your likeability factor.
That's a critical, often over-looked aspect of success. Relaxed, often whimsical whiteboard drawings, sketches and characters plus a friendly narrator provide a comfortable, easy-to-watch animation experience that viewers like and can identify with. When people like you, they are more likely to trust and do business with you.

Draw attention to solutions your organization can provide
Recognizing your prospects' pain points and offering solutions for them is a great path to success. Properly written explainer videos illustrate the solutions you provide, quickly and effectively. Animated explainer videos graphically illustrate how your solutions are effective and desirable.

Appeal to a specific demographic
Properly crafted, empathetic characters in your explainer video are easily identified with by your prospects. They see themselves and more readily accept the solutions you offer as effective for their situations.

Illustrate a product still in development
What, no photos? No problem! An animated whiteboard video can present your product whether it's still in the conceptual stages, not yet off the drawing board or just in prototyping. It doesn't matter. And it can portray it accurately - showing your prospects as well as informing them.

Need a series of brief explanation or how-to videos
Simple, animated whiteboards that focus visual and mental attention on a single subject are great ways to explain or teach. Because they are simple, viewers aren't distracted by an excess of detail. They're also quick and can be less expensive than conventional video.

You Need Something Quick
Professional animated whiteboards - done in a dedicated whiteboard studio - can take less time to produce than conventional videos requiring location production and the additional logistics that go with location shoots (scheduling, preparation, lighting, talent, and more). Knock out an outline and an experienced whiteboard producer and animated whiteboard production company accustomed to working under tight deadlines can should be able to complete your explainer video in a few days. (My own company has produced animated whiteboard videos in as little as three days. We'd like more time, but we understand business and our broadcasting background makes us fearless when confronting impossible timelines.)

You don't want to spend a ton of money
Not that a good, professionally produced whiteboard animation is cheap, but it can be vastly less expensive and less time consuming than conventional video. This is particularly true when you're producing a series of short subjects illustrating how products work or how-to videos. Usually, four 30 second whiteboards should equal the cost of a two minute whiteboard when all are produced at the same time.

An animated explainer video won't do when:

You need real people
Testimonials from your customers are an example. Testimonial videos are particularly effective at enhancing your credibility. They work. You can say you're great just so many times, but when your customer says you're great, you receive third party credibility you can't get elsewhere.

The detail of your product is critical
Actual video shows every detail. There are many times when that's important. Usually, this type of video follows an explainer video. The explainer video whets the appetite for more information. The actual product video provides that information. It's a hard to beat, one-two sales punch.

Your message focuses on existing products, people or places
It makes no sense to talk about certain things without showing them. Products are a prime example. So are people. Got great employees? Brag about them. Show places when they are particularly attractive or scenic, or germane to the topic. A tourism video would want to show real video of real places people enjoy visiting. Animated whiteboard videos would not work nearly as well in such circumstances.

About the author of this article
Dennis Dean is an Emmy-winning former journalist, communications consultant and creator of Story Vision Video™, a leading producer of animated explainer videos. He owns Dean Group Media and resides in Wisconsin, where it's easier to draw snow than grass.

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