Why Choose Us?

We guarantee our work.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction – No Risk Guarantee. If at any point you’re unhappy with any aspect of the process just cancel the project. We’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple.

Our clients love and trust us.

See what they say on our testimonials page. Ask, and we’ll send references!

Our videos work.

We craft videos that capture and hold attention, establish a critical emotional connection with your prospects, then explain what you do. Viewers remember you and are motivated by your video.

We know what we’re doing.

We’ve used our Emmy-winning talent to create thousands of videos, including hundreds of animated whiteboard style explainer videos.

We’re easy to work with and responsive.

We answer our phone. We respond to emails. We’re literate. We speak your language.

Our process is simple.

We do all the work, keeping you in the loop at each stage or our process. You review, approve or ask for revisions at each stage.

We do what we say we’ll do.

Our clients know that and depend on it. Our clients trust us and depend on us to create videos that work for them, even when they’re not exactly sure what they need.

We’re fast.

Our average turn around time is only 4 weeks. That’s less time than most of our customers expect for the high quality video we provide. In a hurry? We’ve created videos in a week for critical client projects.

We’re flexible

We are nothing if we can’t give our customers what they want. Want to write your own script? No problem. We’ll even offer tips and advice if asked. Need different openings or calls-to-action to target different markets? We’ve done that. Want your video translated into different languages? No problem. Need narrators with different accents? We can do that. We rise to our customers’ challenges on a daily basis. Tell us what you need!

We’re your best value.

We offer the lowest price with the benefits you want and the quality you need. Sure, you can always find a lower price somewhere. And lots of places will charge you a lot more money. (We’re not sure for what.) But you won’t find a company that gives you the quality and effectiveness your message must have plus all the other benefits we offer, such as fast turn-around time, responsive communication and ease of revisions.

Easy Pricing / Payment Plans

Pay ½ to start and the balance upon completion. You can also pay in three or four monthly installments (10% additional.) We work by credit card and take all major cards (AMEX, VISA, MC, DISC).


We discount for returning customers, multiple videos projects and other factors. Tell us what you have in mind!

Highest Quality

Check out the videos in our portfolio to view the quality of our art, animation, sound and attention to detail.

Real Art, Real Artists

Our custom videos are created specifically for you by real artists drawing real art in our studios in America’s Heartland. We don’t use a mechanical or “Franken” hand driven by a software program trying to make clip art look as though it’s real art being drawn by a human being. We’re the real deal.

We write clear, concise, engaging scripts

A great script makes a great video. It’s the most important aspect of your video, because it drives everything. Our script will simplify and clarify your message, engaging your viewers with a memorable, motivating story.

Repeat business

Nearly half our work is repeat business for existing customers and referrals from them to other companies.


We haven’t missed one yet.

Our videos are Copyright Safe.

You never have to worry about questionable, borrowed or “lifted” intellectual property. We create the art in-house, specifically for your video and transfer full usage rights and copyright ownership of the work to you. It's worth paying for.

We understand marketing and communication.

It’s all we do. Have ever done. We are part of a full marketing-communication company with advertising, public relations, broadcast journalism, art and video production experience.

We share.

We’re often asked for our marketing insight and experience. We’re happy to provide it to start-ups and established organizations, even if they don’t purchase a video from us.

30 Days Free Video Hosting

Our hosting automatically detects the type of device your viewer is using and the available bandwidth, then serves up the right format video and the optimum side for that particular bandwidth. Also compatible with virtually every device: laptops, desktops, iPhones, Androids, iPads and other tablets. We're not hosting in our basement. We host with the pros at iPlayerHD.

Three-Year Warranty

Why do a whole new video just because you made a small change in your business?
We keep all Story Vision Video projects in an “edit-ready” state for at least three years, and can make the changes and send you an updated video for a small fee.

We’re 100% Made in the USA.

Did we mention our No-Risk 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? Call to learn more! 414-405-8197

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